End Addiction

All the suffering and stress of addiction comes from not realizing you already are, what you are looking for.  ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

You were not destined for addiction!  Under hypnosis, the therapist and client have access to memories, thoughts and feelings which have been forgotten or repressed but still play in integral part in the client's life and contribute to addiction. These old memories can be worked through and new associations formed.   

We don't become addicted to habits or substances, we are addicted to the way they make us feel.  Drugs, alcohol, sugar, and risky behaviors (such as gambling) all trigger neurotransmittors to be released in the body which make us feel temporarily euphoric. Through hypnosis, we work toward healthy brain chemistry and find new methods to release the same neurotransmittors and form different associations for drug use or risky behaviors.   


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