Relief From the Pain of Divorce

Divorce, or the end of a long term relationship, can leave many people feeling depressed, angry, irritable and anxious.  For many, the end of a marriage feels like the end of love, committment, family, and friendship and the aftermath may be filled with overwhelming grief and lonliness.  While it's normal to grieve the loss of a marriage or long-term relationship, you may be feeling stuck and unable to move on, even after months of distress.  

The good news is that hypnosis can help!

Regardless of the causes or circumstances surrounding the end of a relationship, you deserve to move proceed, to achieve and to feel normal and happy again.  

Hypnotix Divorce Recovery​​

  1.  Release the pain and tension from trauma.  

  2.  Find forgiveness and       detachment.

  3.  Regain confidence, energy and joy!

​​"I really didn't think I'd ever be able to see my ex again without feeling pain and rage.  But after only one session with Brandi and I was able to pick up and deli​ver my kids to my ex and actually feel ok.  I'm starting to feel like myself again and I know this is so much better for my kids.  I'm happy I decided to get help."  ~ Richard P. Santa Fe​​