Results May Vary Based Upon Individual Response to Hypnosis

​    Before
278 Pounds

​       After
228 Pounds

​​"Within 7 months of finishing sessions with Brandi, I was down 50 pounds and two pant sizes!  I feel great!  Thank you, Brandi. " ~Norm S.

"...I can't say enough positive things about my experience with her. Hypnosis was so simple that I was skeptical at first. But 3 months, and I'm down 18 pounds and I am sure that Brandi is the reason. She "threw in" better sleep and a more positive mood. I didn't even know how much I needed that! I was just so used to feeling down that I thought it was normal. Since my first visit with Brandi, I've been a happier person and the weight loss is just a bonus. Thank you so much are a special person with an amazing gift."  ~ Nikki T.  Albuquerque NM

​​"I was a little hesitant to try hypnotherapy for anxiety and relationship issues but now I am SO happy that I did! Brandi is professional and whatever she did to my subconscious has made a dramatic improvement in my life! I sleep better have more energy and I can honestly say that I am happy once again." ~ Jason S. Albuquerque NM

"It was a great experience felt refreshed afterwards Brandi has a great positive attitude and she spreads her positive and she really cares about her clients. Looking forward to next appointments. Brandi records the sessions for you and send it to you to listen to. I would highly recommend Brandi" ~ David F.  Albuquerque NM

Results vary based upon individual response to hypnosis. Call today for more information!  (505) 795-4704